When the time is right

It took me a while to come back to this blog. In fact, I considered deleting it altogether as I was feeling embarrassed about how long it’s been since my last post. And then I realised I could use my return to the site as the subject of the post – or more specifically, about timing.

The wonderful (and frustrating) thing about timing is that it’s out of our control and is closely linked to detachment and surrender. When we let go of insisting that something has to happen in a particular timeframe, we allow things to happen that might otherwise have been beyond our grasp. Call it coincidence, synchronicity or serendipity, depending on your world view, but the sense of fulfilment, peace and achievement we can feel when the timing is “right” can’t be planned for or manipulated.

I am coming to truly value and depend on this feeling as a guide. And I’m becoming more able to access it the more I focus on looking within, sitting with my feelings, and allowing things to just be. I suspect I will always have a tendency to try and rail against reality, but I can recognise it for what it is now and smile at the ludicrousness of my ego thinking it can control when things can happen. Sure, I can (and do) focus on what I want to achieve and try to take the steps, often in a somewhat roundabout way, to meeting my goals. But I am learning each day to hold those goals lightly and let go of the timing of when, or in what form, they should be achieved.

So, the timing feels right to resurrect this blog. I’m still writing my daily meditations (now on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and am in the process of turning them into a book. I am very grateful for the community of like-minded souls I’ve discovered through starting this blog and the daily social posts. I’d love to hear your thoughts on timing – and how you access the signs that the timing for something is wrong or right – either in the comments below or on my posts. Thank you for being here!

Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com

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