Why we can’t control how others think – the frustrating truth

One of the lessons it took me over 40 years to learn (and which I still need to remind myself of on a daily basis) is the fact that we can’t control how other people think about us. At face value, this seems strange to believe. After all, we spent our childhoods being told thatContinue reading “Why we can’t control how others think – the frustrating truth”

Challenging the controlling mind

Our minds love to be right. So much so, that they will go to almost any lengths to find evidence to support what they think is true. It’s why we remember the one bit of negative feedback amongst all the positive, or feel like our children are “always arguing”. As humans, we tend to focusContinue reading “Challenging the controlling mind”

Battles with our bodies

Relaxing body control You may feel like you’ve been in a battle for control over your body for your whole life. The number of things that we are powerless against can feel overwhelming at times. Our genetically inherited build. Our hormones and menstruation – too frequent, too infrequent, to light, too heavy. Our bodies asContinue reading “Battles with our bodies”

The alternative to control

What’s the alternative to control? Detachment. Just one word, but potentially the most challenging concept many of us will ever have dealt with. Just the associations of the word may feel cold or unloving. And yet, practising detachment is the most loving thing we can do for ourselves and those around us. The concept isContinue reading “The alternative to control”