When the time is right

It took me a while to come back to this blog. In fact, I considered deleting it altogether as I was feeling embarrassed about how long it’s been since my last post. And then I realised I could use my return to the site as the subject of the post – or more specifically, aboutContinue reading “When the time is right”

Is there anything new to say about menopause, meditation and recovery?

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog, and while there’s been plenty of life stuff keeping me busy, one of the reasons I’ve been reluctant to write is that I was worried I would just be repeating what other people are saying – but probably in a more authoritative or articulate way!Continue reading “Is there anything new to say about menopause, meditation and recovery?”

Why we can’t control how others think – the frustrating truth

One of the lessons it took me over 40 years to learn (and which I still need to remind myself of on a daily basis) is the fact that we can’t control how other people think about us. At face value, this seems strange to believe. After all, we spent our childhoods being told thatContinue reading “Why we can’t control how others think – the frustrating truth”

The alternative to control

What’s the alternative to control? Detachment. Just one word, but potentially the most challenging concept many of us will ever have dealt with. Just the associations of the word may feel cold or unloving. And yet, practising detachment is the most loving thing we can do for ourselves and those around us. The concept isContinue reading “The alternative to control”