Is there anything new to say about menopause, meditation and recovery?

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog, and while there’s been plenty of life stuff keeping me busy, one of the reasons I’ve been reluctant to write is that I was worried I would just be repeating what other people are saying – but probably in a more authoritative or articulate way!Continue reading “Is there anything new to say about menopause, meditation and recovery?”

Why we need to stop looking for the other magpie

I live in a semi-rural area and have been taking my lockdown walks in the various fields and open spaces in the village. On every walk I’ve been on, I’ve spotted a magpie. Just the one, every time. Instinctively, I’ve scanned the fields and the sky looking for another, so ingrained in me is theContinue reading “Why we need to stop looking for the other magpie”

Working remotely and the menopause – tips for a more balanced lockdown life

The menopause is an unpredictable beast at the best of times – leaving some of us exhausted, forgetful, emotional and changing temperature as often as a British summer day. The current pandemic and changes to our working and social lives have heaped even more change on The Change. But it’s possible to get through itContinue reading “Working remotely and the menopause – tips for a more balanced lockdown life”

Why we can’t control how others think – the frustrating truth

One of the lessons it took me over 40 years to learn (and which I still need to remind myself of on a daily basis) is the fact that we can’t control how other people think about us. At face value, this seems strange to believe. After all, we spent our childhoods being told thatContinue reading “Why we can’t control how others think – the frustrating truth”

The alternative to affirmations

Make your own case When I was trying to stop smoking over 10 years ago, I tried a number of methods, including willpower and cold turkey and nicotine substitutes before finding the Alan Carr “how to stop smoking book”. I thought it was brilliant as it really explained the reasons behind why I was smokingContinue reading “The alternative to affirmations”

Challenging our interpretations

Challenging assumptions and interpretations Sometimes we don’t realise how much we’re interpreting a belief until we take the time to get it down on paper. This is a trick I got from Byron Katie (author of Loving What Is), and it’s brilliant for loosening those stubborn beliefs. If you’re struggling to see why you’re feelingContinue reading “Challenging our interpretations”

Releasing emotions

Emotional releasing Journaling This is probable the most well-known of techniques for releasing pent up emotions. Whether you choose a dedicated notebook for writing about feelings (my recommendation) or include them as part of a bigger exercise, getting words onto paper is incredibly freeing. I sometimes think of it as literally releasing the words thatContinue reading “Releasing emotions”

Getting to know ourselves from the inside out

Experiencing the breath The one thing that is a constant for as long as we live is our breath. This can be a comfort when everything else around us feels out of control. Yes, our breathing will feel different at times, depending on levels of physical activity and the emotions we’re experiencing. But until theContinue reading “Getting to know ourselves from the inside out”

Going inside – the body scan

Scanning the body The first way to get in touch with your physicality is to carry out a body scan. This just means sitting or lying quietly, setting a timer on your phone or watch for five minutes to begin with. And then, starting at the head, moving your awareness slowly down your body, noticingContinue reading “Going inside – the body scan”