When the time is right

It took me a while to come back to this blog. In fact, I considered deleting it altogether as I was feeling embarrassed about how long it’s been since my last post. And then I realised I could use my return to the site as the subject of the post – or more specifically, aboutContinue reading “When the time is right”

Finding peace in the in-between

A few years ago, there was an advert on TV in the UK for a pantyliner and the tagline was “for those in-between times”. I remember thinking how twee and euphemistic that seemed – not least because they were now trying to sell us products for when we were on our periods and when weContinue reading “Finding peace in the in-between”

Why we need to stop looking for the other magpie

I live in a semi-rural area and have been taking my lockdown walks in the various fields and open spaces in the village. On every walk I’ve been on, I’ve spotted a magpie. Just the one, every time. Instinctively, I’ve scanned the fields and the sky looking for another, so ingrained in me is theContinue reading “Why we need to stop looking for the other magpie”

The alternative to affirmations

Make your own case When I was trying to stop smoking over 10 years ago, I tried a number of methods, including willpower and cold turkey and nicotine substitutes before finding the Alan Carr “how to stop smoking book”. I thought it was brilliant as it really explained the reasons behind why I was smokingContinue reading “The alternative to affirmations”

Is it true? Interrogating our beliefs

Challenging beliefs So now we have this list of beliefs that are shaping the way we live our lives and communicate with those around us. It’s time to interrogate each one of these beliefs to see if they really hold up to scrutiny. Sometimes what seems to be a strong belief about something will actuallyContinue reading “Is it true? Interrogating our beliefs”

Getting to know ourselves from the inside out

Experiencing the breath The one thing that is a constant for as long as we live is our breath. This can be a comfort when everything else around us feels out of control. Yes, our breathing will feel different at times, depending on levels of physical activity and the emotions we’re experiencing. But until theContinue reading “Getting to know ourselves from the inside out”